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Born: 15/5 - 2011

Colour: Sandy Chestnut
Genotype: e/e a/a Mu/mu

Little Zita is a very light chestnut, with white mane and tail. Like her brother Zodiac she carries the mushroom gene.
Zita is arabic and means "Little Hope"

Zita was sold to Dina Nielsen - Farmens Shetlandsponyer but is now back with us at Shady Acres.


Foal and Youngstock show - Roskilde
Judges: Else Enemark og Susanne Dahl
877 78 = 37 points
Nr. 7 of 10

Mountatin and Moorland Christmas Show
Judge: Mrs Nicola Dibden
888 87 = 39 points
Nr. 4 of 4


Dorthealyst Youngstock Show
Judges: Martin Bloch and Else Enemark
Points: 7756
Overall: 6
Nr. 10 of 10

Mountain and Moorland Christmas Foal and Youngstock Show
Judge: Mrs. Jane Barry
Points: 777 77 = 35 points
Nr. 3 of 3


Gørlev Plageskue
Judges: Ole Paarup Nielsen og Jan Bjørnshøj
22 points (out of 24)
Nr. 4 of 4


Mares Assesment Zealand
Judges: Mr. Peter Tindale and Mrs Mary Davenport
2kl.Ax - Best Mini Mare
Score: 88788 = 39 points
Nr. 1 of 2



Bakkegaard's Moonlightning

SH 478

2A with 40 points
Chestnut, 83 cm

Darwin Lightning

SH 376

1 kl. 99999,
Chestnut and white, 82 cm

Bakkegaard's Buzzlightning


2A with 39 points
Palomino, 88 cm


Skovlundens Elect

S 2052

2 kl. A x
Chestnut, 82 cm

Shady Acres Zita

S 4054

Stjernen's Mini-Blondie

S 2772

1. kl.x m 43 point
Mini Champion
Palomino, 82 cm

Southfieldgate Goldstrike

SH 358

2 kl. A x with 45 points
Palomino, 82 cm

Bergeruds Barbie

S 2255

2 kl. B
Chestnut, 88 cm

Larros v. Stal de Nooderkemper

SB 0809193

1. premie
Chestnut, 85 cm

Expensive v. Bromishet

SB 0001104

1. premie PREF.
Chestnut, 84 cm

Zilver Sun v.d. Nijkamphoeve

S 3295

Mushroom, 82 cm

Downlands Fairybell

SB 0097281

Chestnut, 81 cm

Naldy v.d. Oosterslag

SB 0127695

1. premie KR
Chestnut, 81 cm

Gentleman v. Bangaerde

SB 0802732

1. premie Stokmaat,
Mushroom, 77 cm

Rosewood Evening Delight

SB 0116048


Stjernen's Mini-Blondie
Graded 1st class with 99889 = 43 points. Mini Champion and Best Danish Bred Mare.

Southfieldgate Goldstike
2nd class Ax with 99999 = 45 point

Darwin Lightening
1st class x with 99999 = 45 point

Bakkegaard's Buzzlightning
2nd class A with 88788 = 39 points. 2nd best stallion at the performance test.

Bakkegaard's Moonlightning
2nd class A with 88888 = 40 points

Zilver Sun v.d. Nijkamphoeve
2nd class A with 87778 = 37 points. Bes 2 year mini with 41 points at Dorthealyst foal and youngstock show.
Best 3 year mare at the mares assesment 2009.

Expensive v. Bromishet
Another leading dutch stallion with 12 approved sons, and 47 1. premie daughters in Holland.
He is a lifetime approved champion stallion with 1. premie and Preferent predicate.

Larros v. Stal de Noorderkempen
Lifetime approved mini stallion, with no less then 5 x 1. premie!
A very well bred stallion woth both parents having PREFERENT predicate.
Father of two apporved sons in Holland, one of which is the 1. premie stallion Zorro van Onnen.
Has also sired several 1.premie dauthers. Among these are the champion mares Tortilla of Sportview, Regance van Bromishet and Royalty van Bromishet.