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Born: 4/5 - 2012

Colour: Red Dun
Genotype: e/e Dn/dn

Beautiful little Soffie is a lovely little filly, my first out of Sine, and she has the most beautiful big eyes and an adorable face.
She is cheaky and very charming.

Soffie now lives in Shetland, with Bjørn Roar Larsen, Bergli Stud.



Östertorps Illuster

RS 316

Gold 41 points, Champion
Chestnut, 81 cm

Winston v. Maaszicht

RS 236

Gold 43 points, Champion
Chestnut, 84 cm

Hedelunds Tyrus

SH 539

2A. w. 38 points
Chestnut, 80 cm


Östertorps Djinn

RS 2491

Gold 42 points, Champion
Bay, 86 cm

Shady Acres Sunshine Soffie

Kerswell Tamilla

S 2410

Palomino, 85 cm

Tyros Storm of Lambridge

SPSB 3427

Cremello, 83 cm

Kerswell Tiara

AE 2286

Blue Roan, 80 cm

Grønkjærs Triumf

SH 348

1. kl. x w. 45 points
Red Dun Tobiano, 85 cm

Browni Bomlund

SH 172

1. kl.
Bay, 87 cm

Sine fra Godrumgård

S 2867

1. kl. w. 44 points
Red Dun, 82 cm


S 1081

2. kl. A
Blue Dun Tobiano, 92 cm

Ane Jacobsgård

S 2238

2 kl. A w. 41 points
Chestnut, 86 cm

Højlunds Matcho

SH 243

2. kl. A. x
Chestnut, 92 cm


S 2027

2. kl. A
Chestnut Tobiano, 91 cm

Some family:

Sine fra Godrumgård
1. kl. w. 44 points
Mountain and Moorland Show 2013
Nr. 1 of 10 - Best Yeld Mare Across Breeds
Best of Breed
Senior Res. Champion
Overall Res. Reserve Champion

Trewordergrange Rupert Bear
SVPK Show - Sweitz.- Classwinner, Best in Show across breeds
Mini Shetland Show - Sweitz - Classwinner
Best Stallion at the SVPK Stallions Assesment in Sweitzerland
Assesment in Denmark:: 2.kl.A w. 39 points
Mountain and Moorland Show: 98888 = 41 points


Östertorps Illuster
Shown with Gold, and Champion Mini Stallion.
Sired several gold winners, plus champions and Best In Show winners.

Winston v. Maaszicht
Shown with Gold several times, with up to 43 points. Also Champion Mini Stallion.
Father of more than 150 offspring in Sweeden, with several gold winners, champions and Best In Show winners.

Grønkjærs Triumf
1. class, placed 1st with 99999 = 45 points
Dyrskue Hobro - maximal 24 points
Father of 4 1st class offspring.
Father of 3 approved stallions in Denmark and 1 approved stallion in Germany.


Højlunds Matcho
2nd class, placed 1st.
Father of Overall Champion 1999 and Junior Standard Champion 2000