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Shady Acres Baby Betty Boop

Lovely and very charming filly from 2018, with a great showy attitude.
Was Champion Mini foal at a show in Seeden, with 40 points and gold.
Betty also has a great pedigree..
Dam is Stjernens Mini-Blondie, 1.kl.x. with 43 points and Mini Champion.
Sire is the gorgeous Stjernens Mini-Paschal, also 1.kl.x with 43 points, Mini Champion and Overall Res. Champion.
Only for sale as we had so many lovely filly foals in 2018, and we can't keep them all.


Shady Acres Flopsy Flash

Flash is a lovely 2 year old gelding. 
He very small and has a great personality.
He is out out of the lovely bay mare, Flora v. ´t Terp and by the1. premie stallion Concorde of Sportview, with the amazing trot.
He will likely mature around 80 cm in height. 

Stjernens Gucci-Rush

Gucci is a great mare with a great temperament.
She is shown with 1. kl. classwinner with 43 points and was Medium Res. Champion.
She is beautiful mare with a strong build, lots of bone, lots of hair and nice large, open hooves.
Gucci is out of the 1. kl. and Overall Res. Champion mare Ll. Lindegaards Bourgogne, and after the stallion Whitalis Colour Contrast, who si also the sire of 1. kl. mare Stjernens Mini-Mie.
Gucci has been used as a riding pony for my daughter when she was younger, and she has also been broken to drive, but has not been driven in the last few years, due to lack of time and interest.
Gucci produces some very well built foals. See them all under her page.
Gucci is very cheap to feed, as she is always a bit on the heavy side, but she has never had laminitis ect. Always healthy as a horse!.
Only for sale after her delivery of this years foal.

Lille Ensteds Dunfannaghy

Fanny, which we call her, is a lovely mare with a great temperament.
She has done okay at shows, but has only been assessed in 2. kl.B. I do believe she deserves another try.
She is out of the 1. kl. mare, Aarupgaard's Disya, who is Miniature Champion and after the english stallion Cutmullion Dandelion, who is now exported to Norway.
Fanny is Smoky Black Dun, which means she carries both the creme gene and dun gene, and thus is able to produce many different colours.
She will be for sale after the delivery of this years foal.



Shady Acres Gorgeous Grace

Grace is a lovely filly from 2018
She is very well built, have some promising movements and good solid breeding.
Her dam Stjernens Gucci-Rush is approved in 1. class with 43 points and was Medium Res. Champion.
Her sire Stjernens Mini-Paschal was also approved in 1st class with 43 points, and he was Mini Champion and Overall Res. Champion.
Grace has a lovely cool temperament like her mother.
She will be medium size.


Shady Acres Twilight

 Twilight is a very nice colt from 2019 
He is well built, with nice long lines and promising movements.
He is smoky black, and thus carries a cream gene.
He is out of one of my favorite mares, Tamelone v. Stal Poldervreugd, who was approved in 2. class with 43 points and was both Medium Champion and Overall Res. Champion. 
Expected height around 86-88 cm
Can be gelded before sale.