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Born: 12/4 - 2017

Height day 1: 51 cm

Colour: Cremello
Genotype: e/e Cr/Cr

Perseverance is a very lovely little guy, who despite a very tough start in live, has come on leaps and bounce and always kept his playful spirit and great temperament.
He is a very well built little colt, with excelent conformation and is always the complete little charmer.

Percy has been gelded and sold to a lovely new home, together with his good friend Tristar.   




Kerswell Sorcerer

SH 518

2.kl.B w. 37 points
Buckskin, 85 cm

Kerswell Mistral


Palomino, 82 cm

Bakkegaard's Kong Arthur

SH 700

2 kl B w. 37 points
Cremello, 83 cm

Kerswell Sienna


Bay, 80 cm

Shady Acres Perseverance


Augusta McVerdi

S 3012

2 kl. A x w. 39 points
Palomino Tobiano, 73 cm

Southfieldgate Goldstrike

SH 358

2 kl. A x w. 45 points
Palomino, 82 cm

Stjernens Ninett

S 2113

2 kl. A w. 39 points
Black Tobiano, 71 cm

Bakkegaard's Buzzlightning

SH 671

2. kl. A w. 39 points
Palomino, 88 cm

Bakkegaard's Moonlightning

SH 478

2 kl A w. 40 points
Chestnut, 83 cm

Lille Ensteds Pumpkin

S 6073

2. kl.A
Buckskin, 86 cm

Stjernen's Mini-Blondie

S 2772

1. kl x w. 43 points
Miniature Champion
Palomino, 82 cm

Pamela of Duke Stable


1. premie, KROON
Bay, 84 cm

Fairy Redstart

3532 SSB

1. premie,
Chestnut, 81 cm

Craven Melinda


1. premie, KROON. PREF.
Black, 89 cm

Some Family:

Stjernens Mini-Blondie
1st class with 99889 = 43 points
Mini Champion and Best Danish Bred Mare.

Southfieldgate Goldstike
2nd class Ax with 99999 = 45 points
Junior Champion - International Show 1995

Kerswell Sorcerer

Classwinner at the International Show 2012

Bakkegaard's Buzzlightning
2nd class A with 88788 = 39 points.
2nd best stallion at the performance test.

Bakkegaard's Moonlightning
2.kl. A w. 88888 = 40 points

Darwin Lightening
1. kl.x w. 99999 = 45 points
Out of only 8 offspring in Denmark, he mannaged to sire a 1. class mare and 2 approved sons, one of which is Bakkegaard's Moonlightning above.

Pamela of Duke Stable
1. premie KROON
2.kl.Ax w. 40 points - Best Mini Mare and Best Veteran 2015
Pamela is a great little mare with a very strong mother line.
Her mother, Craven Melinda, is a beautiful black mare out of almost purely marshwood breeding.
She is a 1. premie KROON mare, and has even got the PREFERENT title for the quality of her offspring.
She has no less than three 1. premie KROON daugthers. One of these dauther and ofcoruse Pamela's sister, Wysteria van ´t Minihoefke, is also both kleine maat champion and overall champion!
Wysteria's daughter Bo van ´t Minihoefke is doing even better than her mother.
She has become Kleine Maat Junior Champion as a yearling, plus classwinner at the large national show.
As a two year old, she was both Kleine Maat Junior Champion and Overall Junior Champion!
As a three year old she got her first 1.premie and was even Reserve Kleine Maat Champion, Overall Best 3 year old, and even Overall Reserve Champion, and once again she was classwinner at the large national show.
In 2012 she was classwinner at the international show in Holland, and was even on of the last 3 mares competing for "Best Small Size Mare". She also got her second 1. premie in 2012.
Finally in 2013 she got her third 1. premie, and is now eligeble . for her KROON, when she has her second foal.
Bo also has a dauther, Evi van ´t Minihoefke, who was also Kleine Maat Junior Champion and Overall National Junior Champion, so she is well on her way to follow in her mother's, grand mother's and great grand mother's impressive footsteps!

Craven Melinda
1. premie KROON and PREFERENT
No less than 3 kroon daugthers all with 1. premiums.

Wysteria van ´t Minihoefke
1. premie KROON
Kleine Maat Champion and Overall Champion

Bo van 't Minihoefke
1. premie KROON
2 x Kleine Maat Junior Champion
2 x Overall Junior Champion
Res. Kleine Maat Champion, Overall Best 3 year old, Overall Res. Champion!
3 x 1. premie
2 x National Classwinner
Classwinner at the Internationalt show 2012

Evi van ´t Minihoefke
Kleine Maat Junior Champion
Overall National Junior Champion.