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Born: 19/4 2000

Measurements: Height: 84 cm

Colour: Bay
Genotype: Ee Aa

Pamela is a great little mare with a very strong mother line.
Her mother, Craven Melinda, is a beautiful black mare out of almost purely marshwood breeding. She is a 1. premie KROON mare, and has even got the PREFERENT title for the quality of her offspring. She has no less than three 1. premie KROON daugthers. One of these dauther and ofcoruse Pamela's sister, Wysteria van ´t Minihoefke, is also both kleine maat champion and overall champion!
Wysteria's daughter Bo van ´t Minihoefke is doing even better than her mother. She has become Kleine Maat Junior Champion as a yearling, plus classwinner at the large national show. As a two year old, she was both Kleine Maat Junior Champion and Overall Junior Champion! As a three year old she got her first 1.premie and was even Reserve Kleine Maat Champion, Overall Best 3 year old, and even Overall Reserve Champion, and once again she was classwinner at the large national show.
In 2012 she was classwinner at the international show in Holland, and was even on of the last 3 mares competing for "Best Small Size Mare". She also got her second 1. premie in 2012.
Finally in 2013 she got her third 1. premie, and is now eligeble . for her KROON, when she has her second foal.
Bo also has a dauther, Evi van ´t Minihoefke, who was also Kleine Maat Junior Champion and Overall National Junior Champion, so she is well on her way to follow in her mother's, grand mother's and great grand mother's impressive footsteps!
So all in all a very strong mother line. See pictures of all these lovely ladies further down the page.

Pamela is sold to a wonderful home, with Stutteri Acera in Sweeden.




2. premie

2. premie

1. premie - KROON


Mares Assesment
Judges: Mrs. Rachel Brown and Mr. Ian Spence
Score: 98788 = 40 points
Nr. 1 of 2
2.kl.Ax - Best Veteran + Best Mini Mare


Golden Crown Shetland Show - Sweeden
Judges: Johan de Hartog & Hans Leijzer
Score: 87878 = 38 points
Nr. 1 of 3


Mares assesment in Sweeden.
42 points!




SB 0000961

Chestnut, 87 cm


Fairy Bacchus

2545 SSB

Chestnut, 84 cm

Fairy Redstart

3532 SSB

Chestnut, 81 cm



Chestnut, 92 cm

Pamela of Duke Stable


Fairy Rosette

8040 SSB

Bay, 81 cm

Ron of North Wells

1989 SSB

Black, 78 cm


5240 SSB

Chestnut Tobiano, 86 cm

Spool of Marshwood

3423 SSB

Black, 97 cm

Spook of Marshwood

1632 SSB

Black, 99 cm

Craven Melinda


1. premie, KROON. PREF.
Black, 89 cm

Jive of Marshwood

7139 SSB

Black, 97 cm

Knock Maid of Honour

15233 SSB

Black, 84 cm

Knock J.R.

3533 SSB

Black, 93 cm

Lady's Maid of Marshwood

7995 SSB

Black, 93 cm


Some family:

Fairy Redstart
Redstart was more than 12 years old before he made his way from England to Holland, and therefore he has no premiums in Holland, but he has produced several good offspring in Holland at Duke table, before he sadly died..
Among these offspring is the lifetime approved stallion: My Number One of Duke Stable.

My Number One of Duke Stable
2. premie - Lifetime approved with a breeding index of 14,11
He has done very well, and so the majority of his offspring has recived their premiums, and he has several champion offspring and 1. premie daugthers.

Craven Melinda
1. premie KROON and PREFERENT
No less than 3 kroon daugthers all with 1. premiums.

Wysteria van ´t Minihoefke
1. premie KROON
Kleine Maat Champion and Overall Champion

Bo van 't Minihoefke
1. premie KROON
2 x Kleine Maat Junior Champion
2 x Overall Junior Champion
Res. Kleine Maat Champion, Overall Best 3 yearl old, Overall Res. Champion!
3 x 1. premie
2 x National Classwinner
Classwinner at the Internationalt show 2012

Evi van ´t Minihoefke
Kleine Maat Junior Champion
Overall National Junior Champion.

With the intent of starting a Shetland Breeding Society in China, a small number of selected shetland ponies have been exported from Holland. They are to lay the foundations of the chinese shetland pony breeding.
Untill they have enough ponies to start their own breed society, registration of the ponies will be done through the Dutch Studbook.
Two of Pamela's daughters (sired by Manolito) are among the exported ponies! They are seen below together with Pamela (on the left) just before leaving for China.

Here in Denmark, Pamela has so far only has two foals.
Only one has been shown so far, Lille Ensteds Pumpkin, she has recieved 42 points and honorary prize at the youngstock show.

Lille Ensteds Pumpkin