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Born: 18/5 - 2018

Height: 80 cm

Colour: Mushroom
Genotype: e/e mu/mu

I was offered Mayflouwer directly from the breeder and could not refuse this beautiful little mushroom girl, with an exceptional predigree! 
The sire, Hedric v. Bromishet, was Mini Champion and Overall Champion at the dutch stallion assesment in  2019. 
The dam, Ester v.d. Toom, was champion as a foal and has since achieved no less than three 1. premiums  . 
The damsire is one of the best mini stallions in dutch breeding. Winningmood v.d. Toom, has no less than 7 x 1. premie and he was Mini Champion 2 times! He is already PREF. based on his impressive offspring results.
Besides these the predigree contains several orther champion or Preferent stallions : Pacific v. Bromishet, Larsto v.d. Berkenhoeve, Goldstar v.d. Beatrixlaan
I am super excited to see how this little girl will develop, and how she will breed in the future.
Besides the interesting pedigree, she also has an amazing temperament. She is the type to follow you around to take part in everything, and she is so loving.              




 Winnetoy v.d. Gemarisahof


1. premie
Chestnut, 86 cm 

Pacific v. Bromishet 


1. premie  
Chestnut, 86 cm

Hedric v. Bromishet 


1. premie, Mini Champion + Overall Champion. 
Chestnut, 83 cm

Karell v.d. Gemarisahof


2. premie. KR. PREF.
Bay, 87 cm 

Mayflouwer Ester v.d. Toom


 Uranka v. Bromishet


1. premie. KR. PREF. Champion.
Chestnut, 89 cm

Goldstar v.d. Beatrixlaan

S. 802592

1. premie PREF.
Chestnut, 86 cm

Mayflower of Sportview


1. premie KR. PREF.
Chestnut, 86 cm


Winningmood v.d. Toom

S. 1118217

1. premie, 2 x minimaat kampion. PREF.  
Black, 86 cm

 Larsto v.d. Berkenhoeve

S. 810769

1. premie PREF. Kleine maat kampion.
Bay Tobiano, 88 cm 

Ester v.d. Toom  


1. premie KR. Champion.
Chestnut, 81 cm

 Prudensa v.Stal Haske


1. premie KR. PREF.
Bay, 86 cm

Brenda v.d. Hollestraat 


2. premie KR.
Chestnut, 84 cm

 Varwick v.d. Nijkamphoeve


2. premie
Mushroom, 84 cm

Tja Bea v.d. Hollestraat


1. premie KR. PREF.
Chestnut, 86 cm

Some family:

Hedric v. Bromishet
3 x 1. premie
Mini Champion + Overall Champion 2019

Pacific v. Bromishet
4 x 1. premie
Mini Champion 2006 og 2008

Winnetoy v.d. Gemarisahof 
4 x 1. premie 

Winningmood v.d. Toom
One of the best mini stallions in dutch breeding.
7 x 1. premie. PREF.
Mini Champion in 2010 and 2016
No less than  21 stk. 1. premie daughters and 5 approved sons so far, all with 1. premium.


Larsto v.d. Berkenhoeve
7 x 1 premie PREF.
Kampion Kleine Maat 2006
Larsto is the sire of 19 daughters with 1. premie and 6 approved sons, 3 of which has a 1. premie.
The most well known of the three is probably double champion, Winningmood v.d. Toom, who is also well on his way to becoming PREF. lige his father, with one approved son every year, since 2014, and already 21 daughters with 1. premie.


Gold Star v.d. Beatrixlaan
One of the most prominent stallions in the dutch mini shetland breeding.
Has sired no less than 12 approved sons.
1. premie + Preferent with 400 points for his daughters and 75 points for his sons.

Ester v.d. Toom
1. premie 
Mini veulen kampion