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Born: 25-04-2017

Height: 86 cm

Colour: Mushroom Tobiano
Genotype: e/e mu/mu

I was offered Keep directly from his breeder when he was around 1 year old.
I thought his pedigree looked really interesting and decided to take a chance and buy him.  
Since then I have sold half of him to my good friend   Louise, and we now own him together.
 He is after the double mini champion Winningmood v.d. Toom, who is one of the leading mini stallions in dutch breeding at the moment.
Another mini stallion who has done really well in dutch breeding, is  Keep's damsire, The One and Only of Duke Stable, who has produced so many 1. premie champion daughter!
In 2019 we brought him to the stallions assesment in Sweeden, and he almost made it. He went through to the second round, and passed the vet check, but unfortunately he got more and more stressed and more tense in his movements as the day progressed, and finally he fell just before the finish line.
I have promised Louise that we will ofcourse give  Keep another chance, after he has been shown a bit more and had more training.         



Stallions assesment - Sweeden  
Judges: Jane Barry, Remond Molenkamp, Caroline Linderholt, Annika Strindgård, Arnold Dijkstra och Martin Larsson.

88778 = 38 points         



Larsto v. d. Berkenhoeve

S. 810769

1. premie PREF.
Kleine maat kampion.
Bay Tobiano , 88 cm

Goldstar v.d. Beatrixlaan

S. 802592

1. premie PREF.
Chestnut, 86 cm

Winningmood v.d. Toom

S. 1118217

1. premie, 2 x minimaat kampion.
Black, 86 cm

Bettie v.d. Prinsenhof

S. 99541

2. premie, KR. PREF.
Black Tobiano, 83 cm

Keep the Change of Duke Stable 


Prudensa v. Stal Haske

S. 133317

1. premi

e. KR. PREF.
Black, 92 cm

Gelder v. Zuylichem

S. 802397 

1. premie PREF.
Nationaal Kampioen 1999  -  4 x Kleine maat Kampioen
Black, 92 cm

Jacinta v. Stal Haske

S. 113250 

1. premie KR. PREF.
Black, 91 cm

The One and Only of Duke Stable

SB 030822703

1. premie
Chestnut, 85 cm

Gloriant v.d. Belchuur

SB 920801623

1. premie
Chestnut, 84 cm

Denise of Duke Stable 


2. premie
Chestnut Tobiano, 85 cm

Elegance of Duke Stable

SB 900104842

2. premie KR.
Chestnut, 82 cm

Valerie of Duke Stable  


2. premie KR. PREF.
Chestnut Tobiano, 88 cm

 Menthe v.h. Keijzertje


5 x 1. premie
Chrestnut Tobiano, 84 cm

Midnight Magic of Duke Stable 


1. premie
Chestnut, 86 cm

Some family  :


The One and Only of Duke Stable
The One and Only is a formidable stallion, who has produced one champion mare after the other.
In a recent article theu call him the "kampionenproducent"
So far he is the sire of no less than 30 daughters with 1. premie!!
They are the behind the countless champion titles that has given him his nickname.
Below is a small sample of his many champion daughters, stating with Kaitlynns beautiful mother, Bavin of Duke Stable.

Bavin of Duke Stable


Attention of Duke Stable


Anastacia of Duke Stable


Charmeuse of Duke Stable


Gigi of Duke Stable


Gloriant v.d. Belschuur
1. premie
Gloriant has sired no less than 19 daughters with a 1. premie. He is also the sire of 3 approved sons in Holland, by which the most famous must be The One and Only of Duke Stable, who is also known as "Kampionenproducent" because of the large number of champion daughters he has.


Prudensa v. Stal Haske
1. premie - Kroon - Preferent


Winningmood v.d. Toom
One of the leading mini stallions in Holland.
7 x 1. premie
Mini Champion in 2010 and 2016
No less than 21 1. premium daughters and 5 approved sons so far.


Larsto v.d. Berkenhoeve
7 x 1 premie PREF.
Kampion Kleine Maat 2006
Larsto is the sire of 19 daughters with 1. premie and 6 approved sons, of which 3 of them has an 1. premie.
The most well known of the 3, is probably double champion, Winningmood v.d. Toom, who ia also well on his way to becoming PREF. like his father, with one new approved son every year since2014, and already has 21 1. premie daughters.


Gold Star v.d. Beatrixlaan
One of the very prominent stallions in the dutch mini shetland breeding.
Has sired no less than 12 approved sons.
1. premie + Preferent with 400 points for his daughters and 75 points for his sons.

Gelder v. Zuylichem
1. premie - Preferent
Nationaal Kampioen 1999  +  4 x Kleine maat Kampioen

Half sister (fathers side):

Empresce Inge v.d. Toom
1. premie

Half sister (fathers side):

Ester v.d. Toom
1. premie

Half sister (fathers side):

Eugeniya v.d. Toom
1. premie

Half sister (fathers side):

Evalyse Tip-Top v.d. Toom
1. premie


Menthe v.h. Keijzertje
Showed with 5 x. 1.premie in Holland.
Sire of 3 approved stallions in Holland, including the 1.premie stallion Rocco v. Stal Polderzicht.
Also the sire of a number of 1.premie mares and countless 2. premie mares.