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Born: 30/6 - 2016

Height: 85 cm, Cannon bone: 12,5 cm

Colour: Mushroom Bay
Genotype: E/e A/A mu/mu

Katie is a lovely mare, that caught my eye at the Select Sale in Holland. 
She is beautiful, feminine, with an impressive amount of hair and some good movements.
She has done really well in the show ring in Holland as a filly, and has continued her showing career here with me, by getting her breeding diploma at the assesment im Sweeden, as a 3 year old.      
In 2020 she took a break from the show ring and had her first foal, which has definately not dissapointed. 
We hope to be able to continue her breeding career in 2021, and will try to get her Sweedish Show Champion (SUCH) diploma.
Besides her beautiful exterior, she also has such a lovely temperament, and a very interesting predigree. I feel very fortunate, to have been able to buy this lovely mare.  



Premiekeuring - Holland
Nr. 2 of 6


Premiekeuring - Holland

Nr. 1 of 4
Jeugdkampion Minimaat


Gørlev Horse Show
Judges: Else Enemark og Ole Paarup Nielsen

Nr. 8 of 8
22 points (out of 24) 

Hörby - Sweeden
Judge: Håkan Erlandsson

87779 = 38 points

Avelsvärdering Bjärsjölagård - Sweeden
Judge: Liselotte Erixon

Nr. 1 af 4
99788 = 41 points
Gold - Dilpoma - G1


Simlångsdalen - Sweeden
Judge: Torsten Jeppsson

Nr. 2 of 4
99788 = 41 points

Osby - Sweeden
Judge: Linnea Ornstein

Nr. 2 of 6
98887 = 40 points

Helloween Show - Sölvesborg - Sweeden
Judge: Mr. Remond Molenkamp 

Nr. 2 of 2
88877 = 38 points





Y-Catcher v.d. Colorstable

SB 061130969

1. premie
Bay Tobiano, 85 cm

Lythwood Shamrock

SB 951036819

1. premie
Black Tobiano, 91 cm

Falcao of Duke Stable

SB 121192768

1. premie
Bay Tobiano, 89 cm

Special Paint v.d. Colorstable

SB 020141470

1. premie KR.
Bay Tobiano, 90 cm

Kaitlynn of Duke Stable

Bellrose of Duke Stable

SB 081152931

1. premie
Black Tobiano, 90 cm

Vesper v.d. Zandkamp

SB 041107036

1. premie
Black Tobiano, 92 cm

Kitty v. Graafland

SB 950117536

1. premie KR. PREF.
National Kleine Maat Kampion, 5 x Erekampion + Manifestatiekampion
Black, 92 cm

The One and Only of Duke Stable

SB 030822703

1. premie
Chestnut, 85 cm

Gloriant v.d. Belchuur

SB 920801623

1. premie
Chestnut, 84 cm

Bavin of Duke Stable

SB 081149529

4 x 1. premie - Champion
Chestnut, 89 cm

Elegance of Duke Stable

SB 900104842

2. premie KR.
Chestnut, 82 cm

Naomi of Duke Stable

SB 980129061

1. premie KR.
Chestnut, 85 cm

Fairy Redstart

3532 SSB

Chestnut, 81 cm

Cedica v.d. Pony Lust

SB 880100530

2. premie PREF.
Chestnut, 84 cm

Some family:

Falcao of Duke Stable
Falcao is quite a new stallion in dutch breeding, and his first foals arrived in 2016. It will be interesting when they are shown for their premiums in 2019.
Falcao has been shown twice, both times with 1. premie.
His pedigree is full of PREF. and SUPERPREF. mares and stallions, and he is out of a very strong motherline..
Besides Kaitlynn he is also the father of Kim of Duke Stable, who before she was exported to Hasselbo Stutteri, was classwinner as a yearling in Holland.
In Sweeden she has been shown once, with 42 points, classwinner and Champion Mini Filly.

Kim of Duke Stable
Champion Mini Filly w. 42 points

Kitty v. Graafland
Kitty is a verteran in the showring. She has won 5 x 1. premie and the following champion titles:
1995: Veulenkampion - Heteren
1998: Kleine Maat Kampion, Dagkampion, Erekampion
1999: Erekampion - Midden Betuwe
2002: National Kleine Maat Kampion - Ermelo + Dagkampion og Erekampion - Varsseveld
2006: Erekampion - Varsseveld
2007: Manifestatiekampion + Erekampion! - Varsseveld
Kitty has also done well as a breeding mare, and thus has produces one 1. premie stallion and four 1. premie daughters.
Kitty is sired by the KEUR. PREF. og IBOP-A stallion Narco v. Uitweg , and her dam is 1. premie KR. PREF. mare Filly v.d. Halve Weg, who herself is the mother of 3 daughters with 1.premie, 2 of these are PREF.

The One and Only of Duke Stable
The One and Only is a formidable stallion, who has produced one champion mare after the other.
In a recent article theu call him the "kampionenproducent"
So far he is the sire of no less than 30 daughters with 1. premie!!
They are the behind the countless champion titles that has given him his nickname.
Below is a small sample of his many champion daughters, stating with Kaitlynns beautiful mother, Bavin of Duke Stable.

Bavin of Duke Stable

Attention of Duke Stable

Anastacia of Duke Stable

Charmeuse of Duke Stable

Gigi of Duke Stable

Gloriant v.d. Belschuur
1. premie
Gloriant has sired no less than 19 daughters with a 1. premie. He is also the sire of 3 approved sons in Holland, by which the most famous must be The One and Only of Duke Stable, who is also known as "Kampionenproducent" because of the large number of champion daughters he has.

Fairy Redstart
Redstart was more than 12 years old before he made his way from England to Holland, and therefore he has no premiums in Holland, but he has produced several good offspring in Holland at Duke table, before he sadly died..
Among these offspring is the lifetime approved stallion: My Number One of Duke Stable.

Parlington Pimpernell 
One of the leading stallions in both Holland and Sweeden.
He was the best mini stallion in Holland for 4 years, before he was exported to Sweeden in 1991. 
One of Europes leading stallion fathers with more than 25 approved sons in Holland, and approved sons in both Germany, Sweitzerland and Sweeden.
Used in Sweeden from 1991 til 2001, where he won severel BIS and champion titles. He was awarded ELITE, and was shown with up to 45 points. 
In 1991 he was reserve world champion in Paris, and in 1994 he was best mini champion at the international show in Holland. 
In 2001 he had 278 registered offspring in Holland, and more than 500 offspring all in all.