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Born: 3/6 - 2016

Height: Ca. 85 cm

Colour: Bay Tobiano
Genotype: E/e A/? To/to

Kaitlynn is the reason I went to the Select Sale in Holland for the first time, in 2017.
I completely fell for her picture on their website.. She had the most amazing front, which is something I need in my breeding.
She had also done really well at showns in Holland, and was champion both as a foals and again as a yearling.
I mannaged to buy Kaitlynn, even though there was a lot of interest, and now I can't wait to breed from her.
Kaitlynn has an incredible pedigrre with loads of Preferent ponies.
She is out of a very strong motherline, where her mother Gaya, is out of a long line of 6th generations of preferent mares.
Her father Larsto is also the 4th generation of preferent stallions in a row.
I am so excited to see how Kaitlynn will breed, and I specially hope she will pass on her perfect front and abundance of hair.



Premiekeuring - Groningen - Holland
Nr. 1 of 4
Veulenkampion Minimaat

Nationale Kampioenskeuring
Nr. 2 of 8


Premiekeuring - Groningen - Holland
Nr. 1 of 2
Jeugdkampion Minimaat

Nationale Kampioenskeuring
Nr. 3 of 5



Goldstar v.d. Beatrixlaan

S. 802592

1. premie PREF.
Chestnut, 86 cm

Brevet v. Spuitjesdom

S. 1042319

1. premie. PREF.
Bay Roan, 84 cm

Larsto v.d. Berkenhoeve

SB 960810769

1. premie. PREF.
Kleine Maat Kampion
Bay Tobiano, 88 cm

Bavin of Marshwood

S. 94374

Black, 84 cm

Kaitlynn v. Landskaande

Bettie v.d. Prinsenhof

S. 99541

2. premie, KR. PREF.
Black Tobiano, 83 cm

Urban v. Ons Genoegen

SB 830000898

2. premie
Black Dun Tobiano, 83 cm

Us Pony v. Crumlin

SB 830093253

2. premie,
Black, 88 cm

Atent v. Wegdam

SB 071138098

1. premie
Chestnut, 84 cm

Shakira v. Buske

SB 020821669 

1. premie
Palomino, 85 cm

Gaya v. Landskaande

SB 131197255

1. premie KR.
Chestnut, 88 cm

Manoeska v. Wegdam

SB 970125017

1. premie KR. PREF.
Chestnut, 92 cm

Parel v.d. Bosrand

SB 000133002

1. premie KR. PREF.
Chestnut, 90 cm

Expensive v. Bromishet

SB 0001104

1. premie PREF. 
Chestnut, 84 cm

Janien v.d. Bosrand

SB 940113371

10 x 1. premie KR. PREF.
Chestnut, 87 cm

Some family:

Parel v.d. Bosrand
5 x 1. premie KR. PREF.
6. generation of PREF. mares.
Mother of 2 daughters with 1. premie amd one 1. premie approved son.

Janien v.d. Bosrand
10 x 1. premie KR: PREF.
5. generation of PREF. mares.
Dagkampion and Erekampion as a 3 year old, and then National Kleine Maat Kampion.
After this another 4 x Erekampion.
Mother of 4 daughters with 1. premie and one 1. premie approved son.


Larsto v.d. Berkenhoeve
7 x 1 premie PREF.
Kampion Kleine Maat 2006
Larsto is the sire of 19 daughters with 1. premie and 6 approved sons, 3 of which has a 1. premie.
The most well known of the three is probably double champion, Winningmood v.d. Toom, who is also well on his way to becoming PREF. lige his father, with one approved son every year, since 2014, and already 21 daughters with 1. premie.

Winningmood v.d. Toom
One of the best Mini Stallions in Holland.
7 x 1. premie
Mini Champion in 2010 and 2016
No less than 21 1. premie daughters and 5 approved sons so far.

Gold Star v.d. Beatrixlaan
One of the most prominent stallions in the dutch mini shetland breeding.
Has sired no less than 12 approved sons.
1. premie + Preferent with 400 points for his daughters and 75 points for his sons.

Brevet v. Spuitjesdom
4 x 1. premie PREF.
6 approved sons, of which the most famous must be Gold Star v.d. Beatrixlaan and Overall Champion, Vanity v.d. Buxushof

Vanity v.d. Buxushof
9 x 1. premie
Mini Maat Kampion, Algemeen Kampion and Erekampion 2013
16 daughters with 1. premie and 2 appproved 1. premie sons. One of these is, Fanity v. Stal Mahe, who was Kampion Mini Maat in 2018.

Shakira v.d. Buske
A very popular lifetime approved 1. premie mini stallion.
Was also class winner at the international show 2012
Sire of 3 approved sons with 1. premie

Parlington Pimpernell 
One of the leading stallions in both Holland and Sweeden.
He was the best mini stallion in Holland for 4 years, before he was exported to Sweeden in 1991. 
One of Europes leading stallion fathers with more than 25 approved sons in Holland, and approved sons in both Germany, Sweitzerland and Sweeden.
Used in Sweeden from 1991 til 2001, where he won severel BIS and champion titles. He was awarded ELITE, and was shown with up to 45 points. 
In 1991 he was reserve world champion in Paris, and in 1994 he was best mini champion at the international show in Holland. 
In 2001 he had 278 registered offspring in Holland, and more than 500 offspring all in all.