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Born: 21/4 - 2015

Height: 82 cm

Colour: Black Dun
Genotype: E/? a/a Dn/dn

Jilly is a great little girl. with the prettiest little head.
I fell for her picture at the Select Sale's website, and I just had to go to Holland to see her.
She surprised me in the ring, and she was also in foal to one of my favorite stallions, Ivo v.d. Lindenhof, and thus I ended up bringing her home in October 2018.
I think she has a very interesting pedigree with a very strong mother line.
The plan is for her to take over for Fanny, in my breeding of dun coloured ponies.



Mares Assesment - Bjärsjölagård - Sweeden
Judge: Håkan Erlandsson
Nr. 1 of 2
99787 = 40 points - G

 Show - Kågeröd - Sweeden 
Judge: Torsten Jeppsson
Nr. 1 of 3
99888 = 42 points - Gold

 Golden Crown Shetland Show - Sweeden 
Judge: Ulrika Nordmark 
Nr. 1 of 5 
99888 = 42 points - Gold 




Sander v.d. Hoefslag

SB 020820963

1. premie PREF.
Palomino, 78 cm

Gentleman v. Bangaerde

SB 0802732

1. premie Stokmaat, 
Mushroom, 77 cm

Camilo v. ´t Haveld

SB 091159733

1. premie
Black Dun, 84 cm

Kelly v.d. Hoefslag

SB 950116797

1. premie KR.
Palomino, 86 cm

Jilly v.d. Rakkertjes

SB 151212762

2. premie

 Renske v. 't Witte Huis

SB 010136536

2. premie KR. PREF.
Black Dun, 85 cm

Einar v. Odoorn

SB 900001109

2. premie
Black, 78 cm

Hagar v. St. Heidelust

SB 930111110

2. premie KR.
Black Dun, 88 cm

Menno v.d. Rakkertjes

SB 970811884

1. premie
Black, 84 cm

Hatcher v. stal Brammelo

SB 930804792

1. premie
Black, 81 cm

Willy v. Baseva

SB 051119735

8 x 1. premie KR. PREF.
Overall Champion
Black, 89 cm

Brandon Astra

SB 830105791

2. premie PREF.
Bay, 84 cm

Kootje v. Basseva

SB 950117398

1. premie KR. PREF.
Black, 91 cm

Narco v.d. Uitweg

SB 770000812

2. premie. KEUR. PREF.
Black, 87 cm

Gonneke Wintermans

SB 920109485

2. premie
Chestnut, 92 cm

Some family:

Willy v. Baseva
8 x 1. premie KR. PREF. - Dagkampion.
Willy's mother Kootje v. Baseva has 4 dauthers with 1. premie, of which 2 are already PREF.
One of these 1. premie mares is Willy's full sister, Tante Too v. Baseva, who is also National Mini Jeugdkampion, National Mini Kampion, Dagkampion and Erekampion.
Willy is, besides Jilly, also the mother of the 1. premie mare Cecilia v. Baseva, who is also Jeugdkampion Bontekeuring 2011 and "Beste Bonte" at the Premiekeuring in 2012 and 2013

Tante Too v. Baseva
1. premie KR.
National Mini Jeugdkampion, National Mini Kampion, Dagkampion and Erekampion


Cecilia v. Baseva
1. premie KR.
Jeugdkampion Bontekeuring 2011 and "Beste Bonte" at the Premiekeuring in 2012 and 2013

Sander v.d. Hoefslag
Sander is one of the really prominent mini stallions in Holland, and has aldready 25 daughters with 1. premie.
Besides this, he has no less than 6 approved sons in Holland, all with 1. premie.
Sander is also the sire of Bommel v. Ens, who has been approved for breeding her in Denmark in 1. kl. with 44 points. Mini Champion and Overall Res. Champion.

Bommel v. Ens
1.kl.x w. 44 points.
Mini Champion + Overall Res. Champion.


Camilo v. ´t Haveld
4 x 1. premie!
Classwinner 2013

Adam v. Spuitjesdom
Many regard him as the best mini in Holland in history.
Another incredible stallion, with many high quality offspring. Is especially well known for passing on his incredible movements..
Shown in Holland with 1. premie in 1990, 1991, 1992 and 1993. Keur and Preferent.
In 1990 he was also best placed mini, best dutch bred mini and best 4 year old.
In 1994 he was also awarded 1. premie and was mini champion, overall champion and honorary champion.
He has ofcourse both Keur and Preferent predicat because of his and his offsprings amazing results.
He has no less than 24 approved sons in Holland alone.
He is after the famous Preferent stallion Vorden Budleia and out of the Super Preferent mare Chatsworth Blossom.


Chatsworth Blossom xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxVorden Budleia