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Born: 17/5 - 2018

Height day 1: 58 cm

Colour: Bay Tobiano
Genotype: E/e A/a To/to

Grace is a gorgeous, well built filly foal, with promizing movements.
Unfortunately she will most likely be over mini size, but I am considering keeping her anyway, since she looks to be developing very nicely.
She has beautiful markings, a lovely little head and great type.
I expect good things from this little lady.

Grace is sold to Sweeden 



Mountain and Moorland - Christmas Show - Ringsted - Denmark
Judge: Mrs. Gillian McMurray
98888 = 41 points
Nr. 3 of 5


Dorthealyst Youngstock Show
Judges: Jørgen Finderup and Susanne Dahl

Nr. 3 of 5
Overall: 8 



Smevallens Golden Hazard

SH 540

2.kl.B - Mini Champion
Palomino, 82 cm

Gijsje v.h. Hoofbuske

S. 801587

1. premie
Chestnut, 81 cm

Stjernens Mini-Paschal

SH 695

1. kl.x - Mini Champion + Overall Reserve Champion
Palomino, 85 cm

Lezah of Longalley

RS 4521

Palomino, 92 cm

Shady Acres Gorgeous Gaya

Paradisets Petrea

S 2283

1. kl.x
Chestnut, 86 cm

Skovlundens Gordon

SH 186

1. kl
Chestnut, 87 cm

Paradisets Nadia

S 1422

2. kl. A
Chestnut, 91 cm

Whitalis Colour Contrast


Black Tobiano, 86 cm

Lythwood Tommy-Gum

AC 2374

Black Tobiano, 89 cm

Stjernens Gucci-Rush

S 3758

1. kl. w. 43 points
Medium Res. Champion
Black Tobiano, 92 cm

Westbrook Greymist


Black, 89 cm

L.L. Lindegaards Bourgogne

S 950

1. kl
Reserve Champion 1991
Black, 88 cm

Øxenholm Sergio

SH 75

1. kl.
Black, 88 cm

L.L. Lindegaards Bettina

S 396

1. kl.


Some family:

Stjernens Gucci-Rush
1.kl.x w. 43 points
Medium Res. Champion.
23 out of 24 points in the mares with foal class at Store Hestedag

Stjernens Mini-Paschal
1. kl.x. with 43 points. Mini Champion. Overall Reserve Champion.
Also approved in Sweeden. Shown sveral times in Sweeden with gold and champion titles.
Winner of the 2011 Performance Test

Paradisets Petrea
1. kl.x with 44 points
Only two shown offspring, both with 1. kl and both with champion titles.

L.L. Lindegaards Bourgogne
1. prize. Reserve Champion.
Mother of three 1. prize mares and two approved stallions, one of which is Stjernens Gambler, 1st prize with 9 9 9 9 10 = 46 points!

Whitalis Colour Contrast
Approved and showed in Germany with great result.
Father of two 1. prize mares in Denmark.
Sire of the Champion stallion in Germany 2004: Casino v. Ellernbrook

Øxenholms Sergio
1973: Best danish bred stallion
1976: 1. prize and number 1 in his class.
1991: Offspring assembly at the Roskilde Show - 24 out of 24 points, 1. prize + honorary prize.