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For anyone who could be interested, I offer photography af horses.

Photo Sessions
A photo session in where I come and take pictures of your horses at your own place.
For a photo session we arrange a day where I come and take pictures of all the horses you want pictures of.
To get the best possible photosession, there are a few things worth considering.
The first thing is, that the better the light the better the pictures. The pictures should be taken outside, and preferably in nive weather as it gives the best light. The best times are morning or afternoon/evening, since the light in the middle of the day can get at bit to strong. Ofcouse you can still ake very nice pictures during the day, but the best light is usually at the before mentioned times.
Another thing I find important is movement. I definately think you get better and more dynamic pictures when you have horses moving.. Thats why I allways bring my camera when I know there will be "action" in the flock. Good examples of this is when the mares are let together with the stallions, when the stallions are let together, when the flock is turned out on their summer pastures and so forth. Therefore it can be a good idea to plan a photo session for a day when an event will make the ponies move around.

Halfday Photosession
I come to your place and stay for about 2-3 hours depending on how long it takes to take the wanted pictures.
Ususally there will only be time for about 10.-15 horses. I will try to get some good "action" pictures of the horses, and afterwards also some positioned pictures of the different ponies..

Fullday Photosession
I stay for about 3-6 hours, and can take pictures of a lot of ponies, more than 15.
Again I will be able to take both "action" pictures and possitioned pictures.


Halfday Photosession: 500 dkr + transport
Heldags fotosession: 850 dkr + transport
Pictures from photosession: 4 dkr pr picture including cropping (min. 25 pictures)
Pictures from photosession: 4 dkr pr picture without cropping (min. 50 pictures)
Transport: 2 dkr pr every driven kilometer.


Here are some examples of pictures I have taken of different ponies, both at events and photosessions.