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Born: 30/5 - 2017

Colour: Palomino
Genotype: e/e mu/MU Cr/C

First foal foal out of my mare Dunfannaghy.
Lovely little colt with a nice conformation, and promizing movements.
Very cheeky little fella.


Digby is sold to a fabulous home, together with his friend Marshall.





Jasper v. t' Heidepark

SB 0806773

1. premie, KEUR PREF.
Chestnut Tobiano, 85 cm

Dreadnought-Dynamic v.d. Beemster

SB 0001060

1. premie PREF.
Chestnut, 82 cm

Waldo v.d. Litherweg

SH 730

1. kl. w. 43 points
Mushroom Tobiano, 88 cm


Zingrid v. Grolloo

SB 0095897

Chestnut Tobiano, 88 cm

Shady Acres Digby

Roosje v. Stal Den Bosch

SB 0136478

2. premie
Chestnut Tobiano, 83 cm

Menthe v.h. Keijzertje

SB 0811373

5 x 1. premie
Chestnut Tobiano, 84 cm

Shoemaker Frippery

SB 0109778

2. premie
Chestnut, 85 cm

Cotmullion Dandelion

SH 701

2. kl. B w. 36 points
2 x Best Shetland Stallion
Dunalino, 85 cm

Castlebrook Kimber

AH 1063

Dunalino, 84 cm

Lille Ensteds Dunfannaghy

S 6068

2. kl. B.x
Best Medium Mare
Smoky Black Dun, 87 cm

Shirehill Jasmine

14828 SSB


Aarupgaards Disya

S 3421

1.kl.x w. 42 points
Mini Champion
Black Tobiano, 85 cm

Stjernens Gambler

SH 403

1.kl.x. w. 46 points!
Standard Champion
Overall Champion
Chestnut Tobiano, 95 cm

Mejlholmsgårds Dimma

S 3117

2.kl.A w. 40 points
Black, 93 cm

Some family:

Waldo v.d. Litherweg
Approved in both Holland and Danmark.
1. kl. w 99889 = 43 points!

Menthe v.h. Keijzertje
Showed with 5 x. 1.premie in Holland.
Sire of 3 approved stallions in Holland, including the 1.premie stallion Rocco v. Stal Polderzicht.
Also the sire of a number of 1.premie mares and countless 2. premie mares.

Stjernens Gambler
1st prize with 999910 = 46 points!!
Highest points ever given at the stallions assesment.
Standard Champion and Overall Champion
Hobro Dyrskue 2000: 24 out of 24 points
Kimbreskuet i Års 2000: 24 out of 24 points
Roskilde Dyrskue 2007: 23 points out of 24, Best Shetland Stallion, 2. best stallion across breeds.

Aarupgaards Disya
1st prize with 99888 = 42 points
Mini Champion
Plageskue Skanderborg 2007: 42 points and Best mini Filly + Special Prize
Plageskue Skanderborg 2008: Best mini Filly + 2 x Special Prize
Aulum Dyrskue 2009: 23 points out of 24 and best 3 year old mare.

Liam of Borgie
Liam was imported to Denmark in 1988 and in 1989 he was shown at the stallions assesment and won 1st prize and was awarded the Overall Champion title.
Liam is a very influencial stallion, and he is the father of no les than ten 1st prize offspring, among these are the three 1st prize stallions: Stjernens Orion, Mosbækmindes Yves and Mosbækmindes Guinness.
All in all he is the sire of no less than 9 approved stallions!

Cutmullion Dandelion
2012: Best Stallion - Hjørring Dyrskue w. 23 out of 24 points
2013: Best Stallion - Kimbrerskuet w. 23 points