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Born: 13/4 - 2018

Height day 1: 50 cm

Colour: Palomino
Genotype: e/e Cr/C

Lovely little Bubbles is my first foal out of Blossom.
She was little when she was born, and she is hardly growing, so she will be a pretty and very tiny little girl.
Even if she is the 2nd foal born this year, she is still the smallest of all the foals now at weaning.
She has a pretty little head and a great personality.

Bubbles is sold to a lovely family. 
She is still very tiny  




Smevallens Golden Hazard

SH 540

2.kl.B - Mini Champion
Palomino, 82 cm

Gijsje v.h. Hoofbuske

S. 801587

1. premie
Chestnut, 81 cm

Stjernens Mini-Paschal

SH 695

1. kl.x - Mini Champion + Overall Reserve Champion
Palomino, 85 cm

Lezah of Longalley

RS 4521

Palomino, 92 cm

Shady Acres Baby Bubbles


Paradisets Petrea

S 2283

1. kl.x
Chestnut, 86 cm

Skovlundens Gordon

SH 186

1. kl
Chestnut, 87 cm

Paradisets Nadia

S 1422

2. kl. A
Chestnut, 91 cm

Bakkegaard's Kong Arthur

SH 700

2 kl B w. 37 points
Cremello, 83 cm

Kerswell Sorcerer

SH 518

2.kl.B w. 37 points
Buckskin, 85 cm

Shady Acres Baby Blossom


40 points.
Cremello, ca. 80 cm

Augusta McVerdi

S 3012

2 kl. A x w. 39 points
Palomino Tobiano, 73 cm

Stjernen's Mini-Blondie

S 2772

1. kl x w. 43 points
Miniature Champion
Palomino, 82 cm

Southfieldgate Goldstrike

SH 358

2 kl. A x w. 45 points
Palomino, 82 cm

Bergeruds Barbie

S 2255

2 kl. B
Chestnut, 88 cm

Some family:

Stjernens Mini-Paschal
1. kl.x. with 43 points. Mini Champion. Overall Reserve Champion.
Also approved in Sweeden. Shown sveral times in Sweeden with gold and champion titles.
Winner of the 2011 Performance Test

Paradisets Petrea
1. kl.x with 44 points
Only two shown offspring, both with 1. kl and both with champion titles.

Stjernens Mini-Blondie
1st class with 99889 = 43 points
Mini Champion and Best Danish Bred Mare.

Southfieldgate Goldstrike
2nd class Ax with 99999 = 45 points
Junior Champion - International Show 1995

Kerswell Sorcerer
Classwinner at the International Show 2012