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Born: 23/4 - 2018

Colour: Brun
Genotype: E/e A/?

Height: 55 cm day 1

Arrow is my first foal, from my beloved mare Alysha. She was already covered when i bought her.
I had to bottle feed him the first couple of days, as he could not quite figure out drinking from his mother in the beginning, and then later in the summer he got really sich from an earth bacteria, because of his lack of antibodies..
It took some time but he recovered. However in the fall he started developing some neurological tics, and we sadly ended up having to euthanize him when he suddenly got worse.
Now I just hope for a beautiful healthy foal from Alysha next year..



ISPC Internationalt Show - Herning - Danmark
Judges: Pernille Bjerre, Sue Pye and Stein Langøren

Nr. 1 of 1
Reserve Junior Mini Colts Champion

Golden Crown Shetland Show - Sweeden
Judges: Mr. Libertus Alderkamp and Mr. Hans Leijzer

Nr. 1 of 2
88777 = 37points
88777 = 37 points
Overall: 37 points - Silver

Ahla Laholm - Sweeden
Judge: Torsten Jeppsson

Nr. 2 of 3
88777 = 37 points

Huseby - Sweeden
Judge: Håkan Erlandsson

Nr. 2 of 2
87788 = 38 points



Hotze v.d. Raven

SB 930804639

1. premie PREF.
Rød, 87 cm

Donald v.d. Belschuur

SB 890001064

1. premie
Brun, 84 cm

Zenzo v.d. Menger

SB 061128325

1. premie
Rød, 85 cm

Esprit v.d. Raven

SB 900104294

2. premie KR. PREF.
Rød, 82 cm

Shad Acres Golden Arrow

Tessa v.d. Menger

SB 030142799

1. premie
Rød, 94 cm

Grandioso v. Wegdam

SB 920803069

1. premie KEUR. PREF.
Rød, 94 cm

Frederie v.d. Menger

SB 910105385

1. premie KR. PREF.
Rød, 101 cm

Oscar v. ´t Roerdal

SB 990815713

1. premie
Sortbroget, 85 cm

Kiliam v. Dennehove

S. 808271

Sort, 82 cm

Alysha v.d. Drosthoeve

SB 071136689

1. premie KR.
International Overall Mini Champion
Brun, 85 cm

Brenda v.h. Roerdal

SB 870099513

2. premie
Sortbroget, 79 cm

Shakira of Dream Fields

SB 020141456

3. premie
Rød, 85 cm

Gloriant v.d. Belchuur

SB 920801623

1. premie
Rød, 84 cm

Lonneke v.d. Nachtegaalweg

SB 960119714

2. premie KR.
Rød, 84 cm

Some family:

Kiliam v. Dennehove
A very important mini stallion with several approved sons and many 1. premie kroon daughters.
Shown with several 1. premiums and has been awarded Preferent title based on the quality of his offspring.
Has a breeding index of 106 for type and 102 for movements!

Oscar v. ´t Roerdal
1. premie

Gloriant v.d. Belschuur
1. premie
Gloriant has sired no less than 19 daughters with a 1. premie. He is also the sire of 3 approved sons in Holland, by which the most famous must be The One and Only of Duke Stable, who is also known as "Kampionenproducent" because of the large number of champion daughters he has.