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Born: 20/5 - 2016

Height day 1: 85 cm

Colour: Palomino
Genotype: e/e Cr/C

Beautiful palomino filly with very promising movements. Its my first foal from Arwen and I am very pleased with the quality.
When I tragically lost Arenduil's mother in 2017, I initially decided to keep her, but I had to sell some of my young stock, so when I found a good home for her, I couldn't say no.
I expect I willl see more of Arenduil, or Goldie as we call her, around the showgrounds here in Denmark. .



Store Hestedag Youngstock Show
Judges: Susanne Dahl and Tina Nielsen
Score: 88788 = 39 point
Nr. 2 af 5

Gørlev Youngstock Show
Judges: Jan Bjørnshøj and Pernille Bjerre
Score: 22 out of 24
Nr. 4 of 4

Halloween Show - Sölvesborg - Sweeden
Judge: Maria Jansson
78888 = 39 points
Nr. 4 of 5


ISPC International Show - Herning - Denmark
Judges: Alf Johanson, Else Enemark and Anna Pajanan

Nr. 1 of 3
Res. Junior colored mares champion.
Feminine, well developed.
Good topline.
Enough bone. Good harmonie.
Good rythm in walk, but could cover more ground.
Light, short movement in trot.

Agility Mini Junior w. Papaya
Nr. 2 of 9
With 76 points (out of 80)

Handler Mini Junior w. Papaya
1. place w. 43 points (out of 50)

Agility Senior w. Anna
Nr. 1 of 13
With 117 points (out of 120)
Overall Agility Champion

Golden Crown Shetland Show - Sweeden
Judges: Mr. Libertus Alderkamp and Mr. Hans Leijzer

Nr. 3 of 4
88878 = 39 points
88888 = 40 points
Overall: 39,5 points.



Southfieldgate Goldstrike

SH 358

2 kl. A x. 45 points
Palomino, 82 cm

Maundy Boy Of Southfieldgate

004347  GBR

Bay Tobiano, 81 cm

Cornelius McVerdi

SH 537

2.kl.Ax w. 40 points
Dunalino, 83 cm

Tyros Goldilocks

015967  GBR

Palomino, 78 cm

Shady Acres Arenduil

Plumtree Thomasena

S 2260

2.kl.A w. 39 points
Black Dun, 76 cm

Toyhorse Shaun

SSB 4197

Red Dun, 86 cm

Plumtree Topsy

AB 1671

Timo van Bolbergia

SB 0822895

2. premie
Black, 92 cm

Onyx of Sportview

SB 0815062

1. premie
Chestnut, 89 cm

Arwen v. Portma Zathe


1. premie Mini Champion
Sort, 86 cm

Katja v.d. Bolberg

SB 0116944

2. premie. KR. PREF.
Black, 90 cm

Tirza v. ´t Warrebos

SB 0144512

2. premie
Chestnut, 85 cm

Nirphan v. Stal de Kosterij

SB 0814453

1. premie
Chestnut, 88 cm

Nieneke v.d. Optimist

SB 0127058

2. premie KR
Chestnut, 94 cm

Some familie:

Southfieldgate Goldstike
2.kl.Ax with 99999 = 45 points 1998
Junior Champion - International Show 1995
A stallion with much importace in the breeding of palomino ponies in Scandinavia.
Sire to several approved sons in Denmark and Sweeden.
And also several 1st prize mares.